Celebrating Religious Doubt Since 1994

The North Texas Church of Freethought was founded in 1994.  The idea was to start doing something more than getting together to complain about the mainstream supernaturalistic religions and their constant assault on state/church separation and religious liberty.  The idea was showcase Freethought as an alternative to the faith-based religions, to celebrate doubt and inquiry over faith and dogmatic beliefs.

We held our first regular monthly service in February of 1995 which featured a dramatic interpretation of British naturalist Thomas Henry Huxley’s classic 1860 “Letter to Kingsley.”  In the beginning, we wondered whether we would “run out” of subjects and material.  But we soon found that with all of human thought and literature to range over as our “Holy Bible,” ideas worth careful consideration instead of blind acceptance, we would never be done with the task.

Our regular monthly services are held the first Sunday monthly at a hotel in the Dallas/FortWorth area, as well as at other times and at other locations for other purposes.  If you are in the area, check us out!  If not, share with us here!

And keep thinking!

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